What We Do

We have a passion for easy access to information. We believe that lack of adequate situational awareness is the single greatest detriment to safety and profitability in traditional industrial operations.

In early 2013 we kicked-off a plan to accelerate the adoption of wearable technology to help meet our vision. We have researched, tested, developed and piloted hundreds of wearable devices for over four years. We even published a database for the public to use, simply because we had the best research available.

While we wait and watch for wearable tech to catch up to the rugged requirements of the industries we work with, we have re-focused our energy on solving problems in hard-rock mining using technology that works well today.

We recently reached a major milestone with the fourth generation of our software going live in May 2017. 

ConnectedWorker™ is a modern enterprise software platform designed to help bring short-interval control to industries currently struggling with digitization. We have used it to develop two innovative products for the mining industry with many more planned and on the way.

Speed, Quality & Agility

How vandrico Consistently delivers

Interactive User Design

User-Centric Design

The path to successful adoption and realized business value often comes from the users. We roll up our sleeves and travel deep into your mine to listen to users on the front line.

Quality coding practices

Quality Assurance

We build quality into our products from the start and use continuous integration code-building practices. We have high standards and perform code-quality scans every time new code is added.

Smart thinking development

Rapid Development

We have a strong dedication and a deep, rooted experience with Agile Development. Our team develops software in one-week increments and incorporates the latest feedback from users every Friday.


Gonzalo Tudela Vandrico CEO

Gonzalo Tudela
Chief Executive Officer

Paola Telfer Vandrico CCO

Paola Telfer
Chief Commercial Officer

Kenny MacKenzie Vandrico COO

Kenny MacKenzie
Chief Operating Officer

Eric Cormier Vandrico CFO

Eric Cormier
Chief Financial Officer


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A culture with Professional challenges

  • Driven by values and putting people first
  • Big, tough problems and the freedom to solve them in your own way
  • Always innovating and using best practice
  • Never settling for an unhappy customer