Vandrico has a firm stance - wearable technology will have a positive impact on safety, productivity and costs for an organization. We have been diving deep into this concept since July 2013 and are getting close to releasing our first study into Google Glass.

In the meantime, the media is starting to focus more attention on the idea. We find countless articles in Forbes and the Globe and Mail on the subject. Most recently, research firm Gartner said that the use of smartglasses has the potential to improve worker efficiency in vertical markets such as manufacturing, field service, retail and healthcare.

"Smartglasses with augmented reality (AR) and head-mounted cameras can increase the efficiency of technicians, engineers and other workers in field service, maintenance, healthcare and manufacturing roles," said Angela McIntyre, Research Director at Gartner. "In the next three to five years, the industry that is likely to experience the greatest benefit from smartglasses is field service, potentially increasing profits by $1 billion annually. The greatest savings in field service will come from diagnosing and fixing problems more quickly and without needing to bring additional experts to remote sites."

To gain some valuable insight on Google Glass workplace considerations and results from PPE tests, you can now pre-order our Google Glass Workplace Study online today. Our expected publish date is November 25th, 2013.