Vandrico Sharpens Google Glass Visual Display by up to 35%

The Google Glass project has been a massive undertaking. Google has made an update to its operating system every month since it's release with countless improvements and new user experiences.

The team at Vandrico made a big find last week and solved one major problem. While the team was doing tests for a workplace study, we found evidence of chromatic dispersion happening when light passes through the display prism. The effect is a noticeable blue and red hue cast around contrasted edges of an image in the display; something we're calling prismatic aberration.

To fix it, we shifted pixels in the opposite direction and balanced the colour cast. The results indicated up to a 35% increase in overall sharpness for the user.

“We are very happy to help Google improve their products.” Said Gonzalo Tudela, CEO. “Contributing our knowledge and expertise helps everyone in our industry and supports our vision of bringing wearable technology to the workplace.”

Google is currently in possession of the whitepaper and it is expected that the prismatic aberration effect will not be present in the full consumer launch.

If you happen to have your own Google Glass, feel free to download this normal image and this corrected image to test the difference for yourself.

We have also published a whitepaper written by Vandrico's Lead Researcher, Bayan Bennett. Just follow the link below.

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