Virtual Reality Company Occulus Raises another $75 Million

Oculus, the foremost leader in virtual reality development, has secured another $75 million in a Series B finding with a new lead investor, Andreessen Horowitz. Back in June Oculus raised $16 million to finish research and development on their first beta device, the Oculus Rift.

Although Oculus' primary target customer is the personal computer gamer, Vandrico sees significant potential to use the Oculus Rift or similar devices for engaging training simulations for industrial activities, such as mining or oil and gas extraction. "The problem with current training and orientation programs is that they are very disconnected from the actual experience of being on a mine site", said Vandrico CEO Gonzalo Tudela."The ability to experience a walk through of a site and identify the real locations of emergency equipment could revolutionize the way mining and other industrial companies train new employees."

Vandrico has been experimenting with the Oculus Rift since August and is eager to see the improvements coming in the next hardware iteration.

To learn more about the Oculus financing see this article by The Verge.