Wearable Tech Comes to the Mining Industry

Vandrico Solutions is pleased to announce that it will be working on a project to bring the world’s first SmartGlass application to the mining sector. This application will produce a more efficient and worry-less future to the 50 mine-sites that currently use MetricsManager™, a payload analytics platform developed by Motion Metrics.

As recently featured in Business In Vancouver,the cooperation between the two companies aims at bringing wearable technology to mine sites by creating actionable benefits for heads up displays. The resulting product will be a real-time management tool for mining equipment, available from anywhere and at anytime. More specifically, site supervisors will wear a heads up display device while doing their routine tasks and have on-demand access to critical information to the production supply payload. Some examples include the ability to call up equipment status reports, the ability to view shovel cameras and swing statistics, and the ability to monitor conveyor belt payload output. In essence, this application will allow site supervisors to access to operational analytics in real time while staying on the mobile onsite.

Motion Metrics International is a leading technology development and commercialization company that develops advanced machine vision and sensor-based solutions. Their systems use custom-designed hardware and software to address challenging problems in mining. Vandrico will contribute knowledge and expertise about wearable technology, and develop the platform to integrate MetricsManager™ intoheads up displays, such as Google Glass.

The project is a big step toward familiarizing the mining sector with the wearables sector and anchoring the technology as the next industrial trend. So far, most wearable devices were designed with the consumer in mind. Motion Metrics and Vandrico will offer a different type of product with a unique value proposition: make workplaces safer and help save millions of dollars.