Make Better Use of the Data You Already Have

Connected Worker is an enterprise IIoT & Wearables communications platform and a Real-time 3D visualization dashboard of your Operations. It is designed for Front-line Workers and Managers for situational awareness. Because the most important part of big data is informed action. 


"Co-innovating with Vandrico has been both valuable and educational. They helped us get our supervisors to think about how connecting everything can affect the bigger picture. Now we have teams working together and innovating from the front lines at Whistler Blackcomb."

— Mark, VP of IT, Whistler Blackcomb.

Configurable Software Modules

Our Connected Worker solution uses an open standard API to support ongoing innovation. It is comprised of configurable software modules to support your required custom business logic.  Connected Worker offers Real-time Operational Intelligence on a Wearable, Phone or Tablet, allowing for the intuitive integration of people, machines and information. 



virtual barricades

Add safety redundancy to your physical barricades using virtual barricades that will alert workers upon approach. We leverage GPS and indoor location services available on smart watch, HMD or mobile device. 



Leveraging sensors or trackers on your machinery or equipment we can alert relevant operators of issues, potential hazards and initialize preventative maintenance. 



Automating dispatch of the right worker to the right place with the right equipment saves time and reduces downtime. 



Step-by-step guidance and safety reminders delivered at the right moment can help ensure adherence and reinforce training. 



Location-based voice or text messages. Workers can initiate these virtual sticky notes to alert each other about temporary issues related to a particular piece of equipment or location. Crowd-sourced field updates.  


Real-Time Field Surveys

This is a change management tool integrated into the worker journey. Probing for feedback in-the-moment, and in a seamless manner, makes for a cognitive shift. Workers are more likely to respond and give more accurate feedback.


Lone Worker

Automated check-ins, panic alerts and virtual barricade alerts for enhanced lone worker safety.  


frictionless time capture

Automate and digitize recoverable hours in real-time and at the source - your field worker. Eliminate low-value paperwork time for skilled workers. Transparent, accurate billing for your clients.  


Co-Innovation: We Like Getting Our Hands Dirty


Point solutions don't cut it in enterprise. Our clients and partners understand that a design thinking approach to innovation is required to capitalize on the deep changes these new technologies are bringing to enterprise.

We believe that sometimes with technology less is more. We use open standards to spur innovation. Our agile processes and flexible platform allow us to identify and solve real problems swiftly. We have a user driven design philosophy. By engaging leaders, managers and workers, we create true user value to propel adoption and materialize benefits. 

Our clients see the technological disruption that is coming and the opportunity it presents. It's time to do things differently.


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