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Connected Worker

A communications and visualization software platform aggregating Enterprise Systems, IIoT and Mobile devices including Wearables. It is designed to empower front-line workers and supervisors for real-time informed action. 



Case Study:
Connected Miner

The Connected Miner is built using the Connected Worker software suite. Designed to keep underground miners safely productive, the Connected Miner provides visibility and 2-way communication underground. Leveraging a worker-worn ruggedized smart watch or your chosen mobile device, Connected Miner can track locations, send and receive messages, and automate work flows between people and systems. Our open platform philosophy makes it easy for you to integrate your chosen best in class systems for visualization and action.

Know where your underground miners are and stay connected with the Connected Miner solution.


Wearable Technology

Vandrico created the world's largest database of wearable devices.
Co-curated with Deloitte, it is the most comprehensive, searchable source for wearables anywhere.


“Everyone talks about Agile. Your team has demonstrated what Agile is.”

— Jason - Manager, Underground Technology and Systems, Rio Tinto


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