Achieve 20-30% Productivity Gains by bridging the Gap between Planned & Actual

Our broad offerings and modular architecture allows for a flexible pricing model that can fit within your current objectives and resourcing while keeping future integration costs low.

Build on a future-proof platform, at your own pace.


A. Straight Forward Per End-point Pricing for People, Vehicles or Things includes:

  1. Industrial Integration Platform (IIoT & Communications layer with Open-Standard APIs)
  2. Track & Alert People
  3. Track & Monitor Vehicles
  4. Monitor & Control Assets (Sensors, Cameras, Autonomous Vehicles, Ventilation, Pumps, Valves, Crushers, Belts, Machines)
  5. Sub-system and Integration Health Monitoring
  6. Ongoing Tier 3 Support & Train the Trainer
  7. Replay Analysis Module - Digital Historic Record
  8. KPI Overlay and Reporting

B. Smart Tagboard Module

Complete solution for tag-in/tag-out processes

C. Custom System Integration & Deployment Services

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