Smart Tagboard

improve emergency response & REDUCE PRODUCTION SETBACKS

    ConnectedWorker™ Smart Tagboard is a complete hardware and software solution to the tag-in/tag-out process for underground or remote operations.

    Enjoy the benefits of digitization with no changes to your current procedures.

    Features and Benefits

    Operation-Wide Visibility

    Access real-time view of the tagboard from anywhere in your network

    Access Control Integration

    Eliminate production delays caused by workers forgetting to tag-out

    Exportable Logging

    Export tag-in/tag-out logs for analysis in other programs


    For Safety Managers

    • Always know who is tagged-in from anywhere in your operations
    • Track Long Term Exposure Limits automatically with exportable logs
    • Reduce tally-time by 50% during emergencies
    • Locate workers faster for rescue operations by instantly reconciling tagboard status with real time location systems
    • Ensure that your workers never forget their tags on the board again.
    • Immediately catch when workers forget to tag-in and eliminate these currently untracked PFOs (Requires integration with your existing real-time location tracking system)

    For SITE and Remote Workers

    • Receive visual reminders to remove your tag from the board at the end of your shift.
    • Rest assured that if you ever forget to tag-in you will not be forgotten.

    For Operational Supervisors and Managers

    • See who is where, right now right from your personal computer.
    • Receive reports on shift-change metrics and time spent tagged-in.

    Case Study: Mining ROI

    Do your people ever forget to tag-out?

    It could be costing your mine a lot more than you think.

    These incidents add up to lost production really fast. An underground gold mine producing 150k oz a year with a 12 year mine life could lose an accumulated $1.3 million in productivity.

    Try out our ROI calculator to see how much it could be costing your mine.


    Do your people ever forget to tag-in?

    There could be multiple untracked PFOs occurring in your operation each quarter.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and most people don't like admitting to them. Are you currently able to track when a worker forgets to tag-in?

    Connect the Smart Tagboard with your existing location tracking system to immediately alert you when anyone goes on-site without placing their tag on the board. 

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    Smart Tagboard Powered by ConnectedWorker™

    Smart Tagboard comes with ConnectedWorker™ software that provides enterprise-grade access control, security and open-standard APIs for integration with other products.

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