Wearable Devices That Have an Oximeter

The following devices include an Oximeter.

We define "Oximeter" as a device that measures the user's O2 saturation. The oximeter's sensor is traditionally placed on the fingertip or earlobe, but has recently been seen on many wristbands.


Worn on the Ear and used for Lifestyle applications.
The Lumafit is a wearable device worn on the ear and is used to detect heart rate. The information is sent to the smartphone, tablet or...

Owlet Baby Monitor

Worn on the Feet and used for Medical & Lifestyle applications.
The Owlet Baby Monitor is designed for babies to detect heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature and sleep quality. The wearable device...

iHealth Pulse Oximeter

Worn on the Fingers and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
The iHealth Pulse Oximeter is a finger-worn wearable device that measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation in a reliable, fast and...