Devices Worn on the Head

The following devices can be worn on the user's Head.

We define "Head" as the uppermost portion of the body, comprising the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Devices can be worn as goggles or glasses, as a helmet, as a headband, etc.

mBrainTrain Smarting

Worn on the Head and used for Medical applications.
SMARTING is a fully mobile EEG with superior data quality and high time-precision. It is present in top neuroscience labs across EU, US and...

RealWear HMT-1

Worn on the Head and used for Industrial applications.
The RealWear HMT-1 provides the foundation for an integrated workforce. Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous, and loud industrial...


Worn on the Head
The LITPro is a data acquisition device that can be attached to a dirt bike rider's helmet. The device tracks and provides data for...


Worn on the Head and used for Entertainment & Gaming applications.
The StarVR is a high level virtual reality headset that sports a field of view of 210° making it 91% wider than most virtual reality...

EMOTIV Insight

Worn on the Head and used for Medical & Gaming applications.
The Emotiv Insight is a wearable EEG headset that can transmit meaningful brainwave data wirelessly to a smartphone or computer in high...


Worn on the Head and used for Lifestyle applications.
The Spectacles are is a pair of video camera equipped sunglasses that connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth or...