Wearable Devices Used for Indoor Location Tracking

What is Indoor Location Tracking?

Indoor Location Tracking is the act of measuring, recording and monitoring an employees location without the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS), since GPS signals generally cannot penetrate walls reliably. Indoor Location Tracking includes tracking employee locations underground and within confined spaces.

Benefits of Indoor Location Tracking

Employee Location Tracking on it's own can provide improved worker security and safety, especially when managing evacuation procedures during an emergency. In addition, tracking worker locations can enable many other workplace applications with a wide range of benefits including improved productivity, increased safety, and reduced costs.

How Do the Following Wearables Provide Indoor Location Tracking?

The following list of wearables enable indoor location tracking by either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Ultra-Wideband signal triangulation. Devices that leverage Ultra-Wideband generally provide the most accurate measurements, capable of providing centimeter-level precision. Devices that leverage Bluetooth can generally offer 1-10 meter accuracy depending on the environment. Devices that leverage Wi-Fi generally offer 10-100 meter accuracy depending on the Wi-Fi router infrastructure and shape of the environment.

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Employee Location Tracking

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