3L Labs Footlogger

Body Location

Worn on the Feet

Primary Application

Fitness & Medical

About Footlogger

The 3L Labs Footlogger is a wearable fitness tracking device that aims at spotting health problems early, as well as logging daily activity. Placed in the user's shoe, 8 sensors coupled to 1 accelerometer help identify and record exercise habits. The data is then disclosed to the user via text or smartphone app. This computing device's technology can be used for athletes training, regular everyday workouts and rehabilitation.


3L Labs

Device Name


Consumer Release

January 2015


$100.00 USD

Footlogger Network


Pressure Sensor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Immediate Workplace Benefits


Workplace Potential Overview

This device has a potential workplace benefit for health because it can help athletes develop an ideal weight placement during exercise, and can also be used in medicine for gait assessment, fall detection, exercise routine analysis and early prediction of dementia or spinal disease.

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