Amiigo Fitness Band

Body Location

Worn on the Feet & Wrist

Primary Application

Fitness & Medical

About Amiigo

The Amiigo Fitness Band is a wearable two-piece smart system made of a bracelet and a shoe clip. This wearable device works as fitness and sleep monitor, by evaluating body temperature, heart-rate and recording physical activity (type of activity and calories burnt). The technology uses a smartphone application available in the Apple App Store and Google Play to compute the data and track performance.



Device Name


Consumer Release

June 2013


$179.99 USD

Amiigo Network


Accelerometer, Oximeter, Thermometer & Heart Rate Monitor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Android & iOS

Immediate Workplace Benefits


Workplace Potential Overview

This device carries health workplace potential as it can improve users' physical and mental health by providing information about their sleep cycle, which would diminish fatigue-related risks on the work site.

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