BTS Surface EMG

Body Location

Worn on the Body

Primary Application

Medical & Fitness

About BTS Surface EMG

The BTS Surface EMG is a wearable synchro-myography device used for monitoring muscular activity. Wireless gel electrodes are applied to the skin of the user, and electrodes amplify the signal received by the electromyogram. The data is then transferred to the computer and analyzed in real-time. The BTS Surface EMG comes in three models: FREEEMG, FREEWALK and TMJOINT. The first one is used to evaluate orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions, the FREEWALK computes muscles activity when walking, and the TMJOINT is for correction of occlusal interferences. The BTS EMG technology comes with 4 to 8 electrodes depending on the model of the device.


BTS Bioengineering

Device Name

BTS Surface EMG

Consumer Release

July 2009


No Announcement Yet

BTS Surface EMG Network


Touch Interface, EMG Sensor & Undisclosed

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Immediate Workplace Benefits

Health, Productivity & Training

Workplace Potential Overview

The device can improve health in the workplace as it reduces the risk for bodily harm. It can also be used as a training tool for athletes. Finally, BTS Surface EMG has potential benefits for productivity in the workplace as it would optimize muscles and joints use, reducing opportunities for energy loss and occlusal interferences.

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