Catapult Nanotrak

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Worn on the Body (Anywhere)

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About Nanotrak

The Catapult Nanotrack is a wearable activity monitor designed for sports teams, institutes, and individual athletes. This technology is designed to help evaluate performance that do not require positional data. The device is small enough to be placed almost anywhere on the body and has been used to compute collisions and joint stress in sports. This can be used to compare techniques and choose proper equipment for example.



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Consumer Release

March 2012


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Accelerometer, Magnetometer & Gyroscope

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Immediate Workplace Benefits

Cost Reduction, Health, Productivity & Training

Workplace Potential Overview

This device can be used for cost reduction as it would prevent bodily harm and injury-related costs. It would also improve health of workers and athletes by controlling and measuring critical physiological data. Nanotrack can also work as a training tool by offering opportunities for performance improvement. Finally, the device carries potential in the workplace as a productivity enhancer, by allowing a more efficient and sustainable physical effort.

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