Cyberdyne HAL

Body Location

Worn on the Legs & Body

Primary Application

Medical & Industrial

About HAL

HAL is a wearable suit designed by Cyberdyne to assist individuals with lower extremities injuries or impairment in walking and standing up. HAL reinforces the lower limbs' muscles using high-power motors. The wearable device is equipped with a simple user interface and easy access to advanced settings. HAL can be adjusted to fit various leg lengths, hip width and foot sizes. HAL comes with a hi-tech monitor which can control individual settings and keep track of the body's motion. The device can be rented at a cost ranging from 158,000 to 188,000 Yen per month for the double-leg model, and between 139,000 and 125,000 Yen for the single-leg model. HAL's installation fee adds 550,000 Yen to the rental price for the double-leg model, and 400,000 Yen for the single-leg one.


Cyberdyne Inc

Device Name


Product Release

January 2011


¥2,686,000.00 JPY

HAL Network



Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Workplace Applications

Productivity & Workplace Safety

Applicable Industries

Manufacturing, Shipping, Mining, Energy & Construction

Workplace Usage Overview

The device has health-related potential for the workplace as it would allow physically-impaired people to perform physically demanding jobs, slowing improving their own abilities and enhancing their capacities. The exosuit can also help with productivity as it facilitates heavy- duty tasks, reducing the time and labour needs for the job. Finally, the device can be useful in training as it can help with physical rehab for injured workers for example.

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