ElectricFoxy Move

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Worn on the Torso

Primary Application

Fitness & Lifestyle

About Move

The ElectricFoxy Move is a garment that optimizes performance during daily movement and exercise. The wearable system includes four stretch-and-bend sensors located on its front, side and back. The sensors read the user's body and muscular movements, and assess the overall position and exercise log to provide real-time feedback. The data synchronizes with a mobile devices' app, can be stored in the cloud and shared in social media as well.


Electric Foxy

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Textile Strain Sensor

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Immediate Workplace Benefits

Training, Health & Productivity

Workplace Potential Overview

This device has potential as a training tool because it can be used by professional athletes during their training sessions. In this sense, it will impact their productivity as it will maximize their physical performances. Finally, it has the potential to protect health because it can prevent bodily harm to occur thanks to thorough data analysis.

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