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About eLocator Checkpoint

eLocator Checkpoint is a wearable device designed for geolocating personnel and equipment. This wearable device was created for industrial purposes, providing safety and security for employees who work in dangerous environments such as mine sites. Employees have to wear the ID tags called PassPorts in order for the Checkpoint to identify their emplacement. In additions, assets can also be tagged to allow their tracking in case of loss or theft. Checkpoint uses a RFID technology and operates within a range of 10 metres. Installing multiple Checkpoints in the monitored location will increase the coverage and reliability of the system.



Device Name

eLocator Checkpoint

Consumer Release

December 2011


No Announcement Yet

eLocator Checkpoint Network



Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Immediate Workplace Benefits


Workplace Potential Overview

This device can be used as a security tool in the workplace as it will allow the user/owner to locate any human or material asset.

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