Epson Pulsense Watch

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application

Lifestyle, Medical & Fitness

About PS-500

The Epson Pulsense smart watches are wrist-worn lifestyle management devices. They gather health-related information such as calories intake, activities, heart-rate and hours of sleep. Pulsense Watch has the features of a watch and a screen display, while Pulsense Band is screen-less, lighter, and more stylish. They both analyze the user's data and synchronize the information to iOS and Android platforms, via an application available in the Apple Store and Google Play. This wearable device provides a personalized fitness log and allows continuous tracking for performance optimization.



Device Name


Consumer Release

September 2014


$199.00 USD

PS-500 Network


LCD Display, Heart Rate Monitor, Clock & Button Interface

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Android, iOS, OSX & Windows

Immediate Workplace Benefits

Health & Productivity

Workplace Potential Overview

This device can be used for improving health and productivity of users in the workplace. Indeed, it will allow a better understanding and monitoring of bodily data to keep workers healthy, happy and fully efficient.

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