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About Digital Eye Glasses

The EyeTap is a head mounted display with augmented reality capabilities. This hi-tech device uses a semi-reflective mirror to allow incoming light to travel towards a camera as well as towards the user. The same mirror is also used to transmit a computer generated overlay towards the user for an augmented reality experience. Although the EyeTap doesn't appear to be heading towards mass production, it is a landmark device in the world of augmented reality devices and wearable devices.



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Digital Eye Glasses

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Immediate Workplace Benefits

Productivity & Training

Workplace Potential Overview

This heads up display can be used as a training tool by re-creating a hazard-free work and realistic work environment. It can also be used as a device to enhance productivity because it would allow the user to visualize important data in real-time and in a hand-free manner, allowing precise work and multitasking.

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