Eyetap HDR Cybernetic Welding Helmet

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Worn on the Head

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About HDR CYbernetic Welding Helmet

The Eyetap HDR Cybernetic Welding Helmet is an augmented-vision wearable device. The helmet records and streams real-time videos from a welding booth, which can then be sent to students and used for training purposes for example. Its computer-aided vision makes the welding points highly visible, even though the user is facing very bright light coming from the flame. Primarily designed for electric arc welding, HDR Cybernetic Welding Helmet also shows promise as a general-purpose seeing aid.



Device Name

HDR CYbernetic Welding Helmet

Consumer Release

September 2012


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HDR CYbernetic Welding Helmet Network



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Immediate Workplace Benefits

Training, Productivity & Safety

Workplace Potential Overview

This tool has potential as a training tool because it could reproduce workplace environment and allow training before the workers actually get on the site. It can also prevent any bodily harm, which makes it a safety device. Finally, it can improve productivity by enhancing the user's vision.

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