Martian Notifier

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

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About Martian Notifier

The Martian Notifier combines the aesthetics of an analogue watch with the functionality of a smart watch. Through the Martin app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, a user can easily manage which apps send notifications, and through a customizable vibration feature the user can distinguish types of alerts through their watch without looking. Other innovative features include a button function which serves as a remote shutter for the smartphone camera, a 'tap glass' feature which lets user bring up a notification received within the last five minutes, and a 'tether mode' which alerts the user when their phones are out range. The tether function then allows users to locate their phones. The watch itself is customizable through a range of colourful watch bands, and alerts may be displayed in English, Chinese, or French.



Device Name

Martian Notifier

Product Release

January 2014


$127.22 USD

Martian Notifier Network


Watch, OLED Display, Vibrator, Touch Interface, Button Interface & LED Indicator

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


USB & Bluetooth


Android & iOS

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