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Thync is an innovative wearable device which uses low level electrical pulses to stimulate or calm neural pathways through the skin, which helps users manage their stress levels by giving them a boost of energy, or inducing a sense of calm. Through a proprietary neurosignaling system called ‘Vibes’ the device sends pulses to the user’s cranial nervous system for between an hour and five minutes (depending on the user's preference), to help them achieve their desired mental state. The device is controlled by the user’s iOS device through the official Thync app, which sends Bluetooth signals to a module which is placed above the user’s right eyebrow. Separate calm and energizing adhesive strips are attached to the module, and then placed either behind the user’s ear or on the back of their neck. The Vibes are sent through these strips, and the intensity of their effects is adjustable through the app. These strips are designed for single use, and may be easily ordered through the Thync app.



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June 2015


$299.00 USD

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Rechargeable Battery





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