Tobii Pro Glasses 2

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Worn on the Head

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About Pro Glasses 2

The Tobii Glasses 2 is a wearable eye tracking device that gives researchers the ability to capture human behavior insights in the real-world. This technology reveals what captures the users visual attention and interest in everyday life. Using this data, researchers are able to understand an individual's perception of the world and see how the visual cues drive decision making. In addition, it allows the researcher to observe accurately and precisely where the eye is looking.


Tobii Eye Tracking Research

Device Name

Pro Glasses 2

Product Release

May 2014


$14,900.00 USD

Pro Glasses 2 Network


Gyroscope & Accelerometer

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Workplace Applications

Virtual Training, Process Optimization Research, Worker Behavior Research, Industrial Training & Cost Reduction

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