Zebra HS2100 Rugged Headedset Series

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application


About HS2100 Rugged Corded Headset

Zebra's HS2100 Rugged Headsets give the user the ability to freely communicate while being hands free in a warehouse, manufacturing or outdoors environment. The HS2100 is connected via audio cord. The headset is enabled with Wide Band Audio and Noise Cancelling Technology offering superior voice quality and clarity. When linked with Zebra's Total Wearable Solutions line both devices posses running speech recognition and text-to-speech engines for speech-directed applications.



Device Name

HS2100 Rugged Corded Headset

Product Release

June 2016


$169.60 USD

HS2100 Rugged Corded Headset Network


Noise Suppression, Water Resistant, Audio Jack, Voice Actions & Voice Interface

Power Source

No Power Required


Audio Jack

Workplace Applications

Hands-Free Communication, Noise Suppression, Productivity, Occupational Health and Safety & Cost Reduction

Applicable Industries

Manufacturing, Shipping & Retail

Workplace Usage Overview

Zebra's HS2100 empowers the user to be fully connected throughout their day in any environments as the headsets are both waterproof and able to endure sub-zero temperatures. When connected with Zebra's Total Wearable Solutions line the device gives the user a hands free working environment with text-to-speech and speech recognition technology. The headset is noise cancelling ensuring productivity, and clarity in the noisiest environments.

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