Zepp Tracker

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application


About Zepp Baseball/Golf/Tennis

This Zepp tracker is designed to capture, analyze and measure the user's swing. It comes in three versions for baseball, golf and tennis. All the statistical data of the swing, such as speed, swing plane, backswing position, tempo and hip rotation can be seen on an iOS or Android mobile device. The Zepp App that displays this data also gives feedback on how to improve the user's swing. It has a function that replays the swing motion in a 360 degree view.



Device Name

Zepp Baseball/Golf/Tennis

Product Release

November 2013


$149.99 USD

Zepp Baseball/Golf/Tennis Network


Accelerometer & Gyroscope

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


USB & Bluetooth


Android & iOS

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