How to stop miners from forgetting to tag-out.

The losses cost you much more than you imagined.

Delays to your blasting schedule that aren’t planned have massive ramifications and cause a negative ripple effect in your entire production process. One common cause for these unplanned delays is a miner forgetting to tag-out.

Knowing where that individual is of paramount importance regarding the safety of the workers, the mine and the company. The blast can’t happen until every miner is accounted for and is not beneath the surface. When someone forgets to tag-out the frantic search begins for that individual. You’ve experienced that feeling before, it’s horrible and unpleasant.

It can sometimes take hours to locate the miner and get them to remove their tag from the tag board. The mine is losing money every minute through the delay and furthermore HR may have to reprimand the miner or even fire them. There is more additional costs associated with hiring and re-training new employees.

These are just some of the losses that occur and they quickly accumulate.

An average underground gold mine could lose close to $1.3 million over a 12-year period. All this from an antiquated system that is mandated as a requirement.


What if you could find a solution that mitigates the losses while providing greater safety measures and more?

Vandrico has that solution through a smart digitized tag board. With it you can now send alerts direct to miners to tag out, enhance check-out procedures to create greater efficiency and reduce the blast delay times. On top of that the board will provide never before seen data that can show strengths and weaknesses within the mining operations and help you to improve your processes.