ConnectedWorker Drives Situational Awareness for Mine Operations Management (ISA 95 Level 3)

For underground mines that want to dramatically reduce their cost per ton, ConnectedWorker™ enables mine operations management a clear view of real-time operations. In addition, the platform provides mine management and dispatch with additional tools to communicate with underground operations to help keep their production on track and consistently improving with short-interval control.

ISA95 Level 3

ConnectedWorker™ is an ISA95 Level 3 tool that is unique to the mining industry. It enables real-time visualization of underground operations on a 3d map, including:

  • Location and Telemetry from Vehicles
  • Location and Telemetry from Workers
  • Environmental Status from Sensors (Air Quality, Ventilation, Flooding & Seismicity) 
  • IP Camera Feeds
  • Traffic Lights
  • Crusher & Conveyor Telemetry

In addition to visualizing mine operations in real-time, you can also rewind and replay your mine view at any point in the past. All of the information mentioned above can be instantly replayed from any point in time.