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DELIVER Better Results from YOUR operations

Digital transformation is at the centre of your growth strategy. Now you need a tool, made for your complex environment, which gives you the power to quickly bridge legacy systems to the new technology wave. Your industry is about to change and there's only one thing for certain - the future is unpredictable.



Vandrico helps industrial operations increase both productivity and safety by leveraging existing data and systems to empower front-line workers and managers with decision support tools and automated workflows.

Scalable Software & Services

Connected Worker is a real-time 3D visualization and communications platform. It's easy to integrate, quick to deploy and simplifies vendor cooperation with fully open APIs. Additionally, Vandrico provides on-site integration and deployment support to help companies innovate in fast, iterative cycles. These services are scalable globally with the support of Vandrico's industry-leading partners.


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People are at the core of your production numbers. Every shift affects the bottom line. You can't afford to waste time when things change in the mine, and things always change in the mine. You need a tool that's built tough and gets your worker's attention. You need something that can leverage all the digital infrastructure that you're investing in.