Mine-Wide Visualization

See Your Vehicles, Machines and people from anywhere in the mine

    ConnectedWorker™ Visualization is a window to seeing what is going on in your mine right now.

    Integrate your existing technology and watch your cost per ton drop as short-interval control becomes within reach.

    What Makes ConnectedWorker™ Different?

    Refreshingly Intuitive User-Interfaces

    We decided from the beginning that we wanted our software to be the easiest to use in the industry. We work directly with boots on the ground to ensure that the tools we build do the job just right.

    Rather than reinventing everything, we lean on the most common design framework in use today: Google's Material Design. This way our products feel familiar the first time you use them. 

    Transitioning to software that is intuitive makes change management easier, and workers adopting more effective tools faster means you see a larger ROI sooner.



    Open-Standard Means Future-Proof

    A core part of Vandrico's product philosophy is that the data in our software belongs to the customer. That is why we make all our products compatible with the most common open-standard APIs so that they can be integrated with any other product, including our competitors. 

    We promise that you will always have full-control over your data for integration with whatever new technology the future brings.

    Securely Accessible From Any Device

    ConnectedWorker™ runs on servers locally within your mine much like a website on the internet. Anyone on your mine network with the right permissions can access their tools just by using a regular web browser. 

    All access is managed using standard enterprise-grade authentication protocols and can integrate with your existing LDAP.

    All transmissions are end-to-end encrypted, and the system supports ISA-99 enterprise control system security requirements.


    Visualize at Any Point in Time

    With ConnectedWorker™ you can see the state of any asset in your operation right now, or at any point in the past.

    Easily rewind time to a few hours ago, yesterday, or last month. People and asset locations, vehicle telemetry, environmental sensors, communication logs, video feeds and more, can all be rewound or viewed in real time. 

    All historical data can also be exported for further analysis or integrated with other products.

    Try ConnectedWorker Visualization On-Site

    3-Month Pilots with On-site Integration & Support