A Platform For Real-Time Mine Management & Agile System Integration


Rapidly develop and deploy short-interval control tools to build your mine of the future.



Enterprise Ready Architecture

  • Foundation for an Enterprise Service Bus Model
  • ISA99 Compliant IT/OT Network Bridging
  • Horizontally Scalable and Redundant Failover Microservices
  • Centralized Authentication Service
  • Role-Based Access Control and Feature Isolation
  • User-Level Data Permissions


  • Can integrate with any legacy TCP/IP product or protocol (Modbus, SCADA, etc)
  • Two-way access and control of machine PLCs
  • Out of the box support for RESTful, MQTT, ODBC and Websockets
  • DMZ Gateways to reach any sub-net application securely
  • Out of the box system health monitoring for all integrations


  • Supports ISA95 information model hierarchies
  • Hybrid data-management combining:
    • Relational Database
    • Non-Relational Database
    • Time-Series Database
  • Efficiently query from billions of time-based events with minimal server resources


Built-in EVENT Processing

  • Trigger events by asset or worker location
  • Trigger events by sensor readings or machine PLC states
  • Trigger events by API calls from other vendor systems and custom business logic
  • Easily develop complex automated workflows across IT and OT systems


  • Organize complex integration projects into easy to manage modules
  • Rapidly develop new modules to fill gaps in vendor ecosystem functionality
  • Isolate new modules from production for risk-free innovation
  • Limit access to modules by role or user


  • Out of the box workforce text-messaging
  • Configure automated alerts and notifications from custom workflows
  • Seamlessly communicate across multiple device form factors
  • Decouple people from their devices with flexible access control


INTUITIVE DATA Visualization

  • Plot any location-tracked asset on the built-in 3d map
  • Access user interfaces from any modern web-browser
  • Benefit from 10,000s of hours of user-experience research by leaning on Material design standards
  • Applications are quick to learn because they feel like Google products


  • Time-based information can be replayed from any point right from the user interface
  • Replay productive shifts to learn about possible process improvements
  • Replay events leading up to critical incidents for forensic analysis
  • Get context for more efficient historical analysis

Global Business Intelligence

  • Operations model allows for feeding into enterprise-wide business intelligence
  • On-premise applications securely integrate with cloud-based reporting tools 
  • Hybrid deployment of on-site for mission-critical operations and cloud-based for post-hoc analysis using secure ISA99 compliant architecture

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Solutions Built with ConnectedWorker™

Working with industry partners, Vandrico has used ConnectedWorker™ to develop two game-changing point solutions.


A complete solution to the tag-in/tag-out process at your underground mine.


The ideal tool to see everything that is happening in your mine right now.