Learn Faster with Instant Replay


ConnectedWorker Replay picks up where traditional BI software leaves off by making the feedback loop between planning, analysis, and operations fast and easy.



Shorten Retroactive Analysis Time

  • Watch your KPIs overlaid on an operations map to see how different activities affect them
  • Intuitively follow chain of events and understand their impact on your operational goals
  • Quickly identify the reasons for anomalous metrics so you can address them faster

Accelerate Ramp-Up to Peak Production

  • Identify operational bottlenecks faster and with more confidence
  • Learn how to replicate your most productive shifts
  • Avoid repeating production-impacting mistakes with operational transparency

Improve Cross-Departmental Collaboration

  • Download and share Replay GIFs across your organization
  • Manually and automatically bookmark events for review by others
  • Enable faster learning from cross-team analysis collaborations

Supports Sustainable Innovation Management


Accelerate Your Innovation

Intuitive Design - User-centric design means high adoption, low training cost and realized business value. 

Innovation Sandbox - Pilot new technology and integrate process without jeopardizing production.


Reduce System Integration Complexity

Modular Architecture - Use and evolve components as needed.

Rapid Development - Designed to rapidly build and deploy new modules.


Facilitate Technology Life-Cycle MANAGEMENT

Hardware Agnostic - Inclusive visualization, communication and control.

Legacy Compatible - Leverage / extend life of existing assets.


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With Replay

Provides you with the tools you need to transition field workers to remote management.


Enables you to capture workforce knowledge and make it accessible organization wide.

Upskills your workforce and de-risks your automation investments.

Future Proof Your Technology Strategy

ConnectedWorker™ was built from the ground up to support advancements in the following technologies.


Autonomous Vehicles


Wearable Technology


Industrial IOT


Machine Learning

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