Wearable Devices That Have an EMG Sensor

The following devices include an EMG (Electro Myo Graphic) Sensor.

We define "EMG (Electro Myo Graphic) Sensor" as a device that measures muscles activity.

Monica AN24

Worn on the Torso and used for Medical applications.
This small, wearable device enables accurate fetal monitoring for high BMI patients. With no belts and cords, it improves patients'...

Novii Wireless Patch System

Worn on the Torso and used for Medical applications.
The Monica Novii is a wearable device designed for high BMI patients. It uses a 'peel and stick' patch to send raw ECG and EMG data to...

BTS Surface EMG

Worn on the Body and used for Medical & Fitness applications.
The BTS Surface EMG is a wearable synchro-myography device used for monitoring muscular activity. Wireless gel electrodes are applied to...

4D Force

Worn on the Head and used for Gaming, Entertainment & Medical applications.
The 4D Force is a wearable technology that detects brain waves and converts them into electric signals. 4D Force developed a platform that...

Be Bionic

Worn on the Arm and used for Medical, Lifestyle & Industrial applications.
The BeBionic hand is an advanced myoelectric wearable prosthetic hand that enables amputees to use multiple grip patterns and adjustable...

Somaxis MyoLink

Worn on the Body (Anywhere) and used for Medical & Lifestyle applications.
The Myolink monitors the muscle activity of the arm for health and fitness purposes. This wearable device has an EMG electrode that hooks...