Devices Worn on the Legs

The following devices can be worn on the user's Legs.

We define "Legs" as the part of the lower body that stretches between the hips and the foot.


Worn on the Shoulders, Legs, Back & Thighs and used for Medical & Fitness applications.
The Dorsa Vi is a suite of wireless wearable sensors that measure movement and muscle activity and provide real-time bio feed-back. The...

Mbody Smart System

Worn on the Legs and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
The Mbody Smart System is a combination of technologies designed to record and improve muscle performance during training sessions. The...

Catapult OptimEye S5

Worn on the Legs & Feet and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
The Catapult Optimeye S5 is a wearable activity monitor designed for athletes. The device's objective is to accurately monitor and compute...

Heapsylon Sensoria Sock

Worn on the Legs & Torso and used for Fitness applications.
The Sensoria Sock is a pressure sensing textile sock that accurately records user's footsteps base on the pressure and timing of the foot...