AeroScout T2 Wi-Fi Active RFID Tag

Body Location

Worn on the Body (Anywhere)

Primary Application

Industrial & Medical

About T2 Wi-Fi RFID Tag

The T2 Wi-Fi Active RFID Tag is a real-time location tracker of assets and personnel. It uses a standard Wi-Fi network to determine the status of personnel and can emit instant notification when personnel pass through a chokepoint. The device has long battery life lasting more than four years ensuring functionality over time. The tag can be attached to personnel with Velcro, adhesives and tie-wraps and is suitable for a wide variety of industries in any environment.



Device Name

T2 Wi-Fi RFID Tag

Product Release

August 2006


No Announcement Yet

T2 Wi-Fi RFID Tag Network


Motion Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Thermometer & Button Interface

Power Source

Disposable Battery





Workplace Applications

Employee Location Tracking, Lone Worker SOS, Workplace Security, Inventory Control, Injury Prevention, Occupational Health and Safety, Indoor Location Tracking, Productivity, Automated Environment Digitization, Long Term Exposure Monitoring, Contractor Reconciliation, Cost Reduction, Mobile Workforce Communication, Intelligent Information Delivery, Digital Zone Board, Mobile Workforce Management, Lone Worker Monitoring & Short Term Exposure Monitoring

Applicable Industries

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mining, Security & Energy

Workplace Usage Overview

The T2 Wi-Fi Active RFID Tag allows full tracking and detection of personnel. Using a standard Wi-Fi network making its deployment simple and fast. The chokepoint detection points give instant programmable notifications. The device also has optional call buttons, which can be pushed in the events of emergency. The call button can also be programmed to emit different messages depending on the pattern that it is pushed. The tags are also enabled with motion sensors, which can also be configured to trigger certain alerts but help conserve battery and network traffic when the device is not in use.

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