Logbar Ring

Body Location

Worn on the Fingers

Primary Application

Lifestyle & Entertainment

About Ring

The Ring is a wearable device that fits on the index finger with four main features that are gesture control function, text transmission, payment information transmission and alert notifications. The ring detects the movement of the finger and identifies the gesture being made. The gesture can be edited on a smartphone and the applications will start base on the gestures made.The Ring is also compatible with Google Glass and smart watches giving greater control of writing letters using the text transmission. The wearable device can also be use to make payments using Global Payment Systems or iBeacon by tracing numbers with the finger. The Ring includes a portable battery stand which can charge the ring five times before it needs to recharge. The Ring itself will last approximately for 1000 gestures per charge and has a lifespan of about 1000 charges.


Logbar Inc.

Device Name


Product Release

October 2014


$269.99 USD

Ring Network


Accelerometer, Touch Interface & Vibrator

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS, Android & Windows Mobile

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