NFC Ring

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Worn on the Fingers

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About NFC Ring

The NFC Ring is an authentication wearable device that can can be programmed to carry a transmittable NFC signal. This signal can be used to transfer information, start apps, or unlock any compatible NFC device (e.g.: smartphone, tablet, door lock, etc.). The NFC Ring is a passive electronic device, which means that it does not require a power source (like a battery). Technically, this technological device doesn't completely qualify as "Wearable Technology" by our strictest definition, however, we see so much potential benefit to the workplace we decided to include it.


McLear Ltd

Device Name

NFC Ring

Product Release



$49.00 USD

NFC Ring Network



Power Source

No Power Required




Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & Linux

Workplace Applications

Workplace Security & Employee Access Management

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