Voice Caddie D1

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Worn on the Waist

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About D1

The Voice Caddie D1 is a wearable device that can be clipped on the hip. Unlike other voice caddie course guidance systems like the VC300, VC200, and VC100, the D1 opts for a flip-open design with a backlit LCD screen so that the user can glance at the display to get the information that they want. This piece of technology can house over 40,000 courses from across the world. At 44 grams, the Voice Caddie is not only small and convenient, but also lightweight and comes in either black or white.


Voice Caddie

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Product Release

No Announcement Yet


$169.99 USD

D1 Network


GPS, Button Interface, LCD Display, Audio Speaker & Backlight

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery



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