Zebra RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner

Body Location

Worn on the Fingers

Primary Application


About RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner

The Zebra RS4000 Ring Scanner is a wired barcode scanner worn on the fingers of the user. The device is a part of Zebra's Total Wearable Line consisting of a wearable computer and a headset with voice pulling software. The RS4000 has advanced scanning algorithms allowing workers to scan barcodes in virtually any condition up to 15 ft. increasing productivity and reducing errors.



Device Name

RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner

Product Release

June 2016


$696.31 USD

RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner Network


Barcode Scanner, Accelerometer & Gyroscope

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Bluetooth & NFC



Workplace Applications

Cost Reduction, Industrial Process Monitoring, Industrial Training, Productivity, Assembly Line Monitoring, Pick and Pack, Inventory Control & Intelligent Information Delivery

Applicable Industries

Retail, Manufacturing & Shipping

Workplace Usage Overview

The Zebra RS4000 Ring Barcode scanner enables warehouse, manufacturing, retail or transportation environment to increase speed and reduce errors in the workplace. With their advanced scanning algorithm it allows workers to scan barcodes that may be damaged or poorly printed increasing productivity. The device also gives the flexibility to scan barcodes via a single trigger or to depress the trigger and to continuously scan barcodes at a distance up to 15ft.

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