Wearable Tech & IOT Solutions for Enterprise

Software and services to enable and manage workforce integration

  • Connecting IT Systems to Mobile & Wearable Devices
  • Getting The Right Information to the Right Workers
  • Saving Time, Money and Lives in the Process

How Can Vandrico Improve My Business?

Integrate & Manage Devices

A fully customizable platform for system integration and device management

Validate Your Strategy

A proven process for validating new ideas and saving money

Compare Wearables

Creators of the world-leading database on wearable technology

"Wearable technology represents the world of tomorrow for many businesses. We trust the team at Vandrico to come up with solutions for enterprise clients that want to address their operational challenges."

  • Canary

    For an enterprise that needs a solution to integrate their IT systems to mobile workers and manage the flow of data to and from devices.

  • Wearables Sandbox

    The Wearables Sandbox™

    Start Hacking

    For an in-house IT team that needs to integrate, develop with, and test wearable technology for their organization.

  • Smart for Work

    Smart for Work™

    Start Planning

    For managers and executives who need to plan, validate and execute a wearables or IOT strategy for their organization.

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Our tools enable fast and efficient innovation

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