What We Do

Vandrico sees an automated future, where humans work intuitively with machines to reach exponentially greater productivity with no risk to human life. To reach this vision, we take best-in-class software practices and apply them to traditional industries. Our open and flexible approach supports management of innovation at all levels. It accelerates realized business value, while also reducing innovation risk. The tools that we develop and license enable industrial companies to learn faster from their operations, share learning across teams more easily, and facilitate iterative efficiency gains from new technology.

We kicked-off a plan to accelerate the adoption of wearable technology to help meet our vision. We have researched, tested, developed and piloted hundreds of wearable devices for over four years. We even published a database for the public to use, simply because we had the best research available.

We recently reached a major milestone with the fourth generation of our software. 

ConnectedWorker™ is a modern enterprise software platform. It was designed to position complex enterprises for continuous evolution in keeping with advances in exponential technologies. Our solution accelerates system integration and data correlation - two of the biggest pain points inhibiting change and learning for large organizations. Our solution also democratizes data, providing decision support to those best suited for real-time intervention and post-hoc analysis.

Our goal is to unlock your organizations' data and give you the keys, propagating a step function change in safety and productivity in traditional industries.