we unlock your data and give you the keys



ConnectedWorker's generic gateways simplify integrations; select your protocol, data format, and connection parameters and watch your data flow!

  • Subscribe, Poll, or Listen for data.
  • Automatic integration health monitoring.
  • View incoming data to help you diagnose issues.
  • Our team can add support for new protocols in <1 day!


Innovate on our open platform, with our Javascript based scripting engine. Access your data and actually do something with it!

  • Add new application features and enhance business logic.
  • Trigger notifications or call external APIs.
  • Configure new APIs which are immediately available.
  • Code through the user interface!


Our intelligent data pipelines power the ConnectedWorker platform moving your data, and triggering your logic.

  • Layered data flow separates features from devices, allowing you to change devices without impacting functionality.
  • Open solution allows you to pipe data into other systems, even through Artificial Intelligence models.

Scalable Solutions for...

  • In-shift management,
  • Worker biometric status monitoring,
  • Asset utilization management, 
  • Intelligent, on-the-fly work order dispatch, 
  • Proactive machine maintenance, 
  • Ventilation on demand, 
  • Billable hours reconciliation, 
  • Emergency event management, 
  • Personal hazard (eg. gas) exposure, 
  • Material movement tracking and management...