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Connected Worker Mobile Desktop Tablet

Improve Your Return on Investment

Robust & Flexible Intelligence Engine

Connected Worker provides a platform to easily try new innovative ideas and continuously improve on optimizing the efficiency of industrial processes.

  • Easily deploy new intelligence modules in production
  • Multiple data source triggers (movement, location, sensors, etc...)
  • Isolated business logic
  • Brings together disparate data for new intelligence insights
  • Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Benefit from industry best practice
Vandrico Connected Worker Tablet Phone
Vandrico Connected Worker Tablet

Extend Deep Into The Mine

For Multiple User Configurations in Complex Networks

Connected Worker is engineered to comply with ISA 99 network security requirements while providing the freedom to enhance data visibility between systems, sensors and users.

  • Decision-support functionality
  • 3D visualization of real-time data
  • Feature-based permissions
  • Multi-site access restrictions
  • Real-time data search
  • Event rewind & playback
  • In-field worker communications


A Fully Integrated Solution

Built for Open data collaboration

Connected Worker breaks down data silos in your operation and offers Open APIs that meet industrial standards.

  • Open standard APIs for TCP/IP & industrial protocols
  • Deployable on-site or in the cloud
  • Plugin-based integrations with legacy systems
  • Supports smart phones, tablets & wearables
  • Browser-based user interfaces
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