DAQRI Smart Helmet

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application


About DAQRI Smart Helmet

The DAQRI Smart Helmet brings advanced wearable technology to augment and assist the industrial worker. This wearable device has several sensors and cameras to provide 360 degrees of vision and uses this to provide relevant and useful information. DAQRI has created an augmented reality and display tracking system called Intellitrack™, providing users with unprecedented levels of information about the world around them.



Device Name

DAQRI Smart Helmet


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Depth Camera, Video Camera, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer & Compass

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Workplace Applications

Remote Expert, Complex Assembly Guidance, Predictive Maintenance, Pick and Pack, Assembly Line Monitoring, Materials Handling, Quality Control and Inspection, Safety Compliance, Work Order Dispatch, Mobile Workforce Communication, Mobile Worker Decision Support, Mobile Worker Situational Awareness, Occupational Health and Safety, Cost Reduction, Automated Environment Digitization, Mobile Workforce Management, Productivity, Process Adherence, Intelligent Information Delivery, Inventory Control, Industrial Process Monitoring & Digital Job Hazard Assessments

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