Leica Pegasus Backpack

Body Location

Worn on the Torso

Primary Application


About Pegasus Backpack

The Leica Pegasus Backpack is a reality capture sensor platform that provides a mobile mapping solution. The wearable backpack contains 5 cameras enabling 360 degree data collection whether it be indoors, outdoors or underground.


Leica Geosystems

Device Name

Pegasus Backpack


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Camera, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS & Depth Camera

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


USB & WiFi



Workplace Applications

Site Surveying, Outdoor Location Tracking, Employee Location Tracking, Automated Environment Digitization, Cost Reduction, Occupational Health and Safety, Lone Worker Monitoring, Digital Zone Board, Short Term Exposure Monitoring, Long Term Exposure Monitoring & Contractor Reconciliation

Applicable Industries

Construction, Energy, Forestry, Military & Mining

Workplace Usage Overview

The Leica Pegasus Backpack can be used in a variety of mapping situations ranging from industrial surveying/training, safety, evacuation planning/routing and natural disaster response.

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