SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

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Worn on the Head

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Lifestyle & Industrial

About SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

The SMI Eye Tracking glasses is a hi-tech pair of glasses used to record what is in the user's field of vision. Using two cameras located on the rim of the glasses, the cameras capture the eye movements, map the gaze point and embed it into the video. This wearable device has two streaming options: mobile or computer. The mobile option allows the user to view the live feedback directly from a smartphone, and the computer option features real-time streaming and live synchronization with mobile EEG data (EEG sensor provided as an add-on).


SensoMotoric Instrument

Device Name

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses


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Video Camera, Photo Camera & Microphone

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Windows & Android

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Worker Behavior Research

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