Rufus Cuff

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application


About Rufus Cuff

The Rufus Cuff is a wearable device that allows the user to make voice and video calls right from the device. This technology features a 3 inch touchscreen that users can use to dial phone numbers and message people using a full screen keyboard. This wearable device is equipped with web browsing and fitness tracking of steps, calories burned and distance traveled. In addition, the Cuff runs Android OS, which means that the user will have access to the Google Play store for app downloads.


Rufus Labs

Device Name

Rufus Cuff


$279.00 USD


Microphone, Audio Speaker, Video Camera, Photo Camera, Accelerometer, Touch Interface, GPS, Gyroscope & Vibrator

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


WiFi & Bluetooth


Android & iOS

Workplace Applications

Remote Expert, Complex Assembly Guidance, Predictive Maintenance, Pick and Pack, Assembly Line Monitoring, Materials Handling, Quality Control and Inspection, Safety Compliance, Work Order Dispatch, Mobile Workforce Communication, Mobile Worker Decision Support, Mobile Worker Situational Awareness, Occupational Health and Safety, Cost Reduction, Automated Environment Digitization, Mobile Workforce Management, Productivity, Process Adherence, Intelligent Information Delivery, Inventory Control, Industrial Process Monitoring & Digital Job Hazard Assessments

Applicable Industries

Mining, Energy, Shipping, Construction & Manufacturing

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