Connected Worker is a safe productivity tool designed to make your big data, personalized and actionable. It is designed for geographically distributed field workers and front line industrial operations managers. It is suited to environments where dangerous work is being performed and where every production minute counts. Our goal is to make data a sixth sense and bridge the gap between planned and actual operations.

Watch our three-minute demo video and see how Vandrico’s industrial intelligence platform, Connected Worker, can help your company get real-time operational intelligence on operations management dashboards as well as on wearable devices, phones or tablets, allowing for the intuitive integration of people, machines, and information.


Connected Worker provides:

  • Real-time visualization of your people, equipment, and potential dangers
  • Real-time communications between management and distributed field workers
  • Business logic to suit your systems and workflows
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Reduction of production bottlenecks
  • Reduction in vehicle and personnel idle time

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