The Opportunity:

  • Be the chosen hardware manufacturer for a full underground mining deployment in Q1 2017

  • Be featured on our Wearables Database

  • Receive in-field, enterprise user feedback


  • Stand-alone wireless connectivity, which doesn’t rely on tethering via Bluetooth to a smartphone. (Either Wi-Fi or Cellular depending on environment)

  • An interface to communicate medium-fidelity information (Short text messages and low resolution images)

  • A method for the user to respond, that can be operated in all industrial environments. (Robust tactile buttons or rotary switches that can be operated even with greasy leather gloves)

  • Means to attract the user’s attention in loud industrial environments. (A combination of vibrators, speakers and light is the best we have found to date)

  • The battery-life of the device must survive at least an entire work-shift.

  • The device’s operating system must be flexible and completely open to customization. (Currently, we work specifically with Android devices)

  • The device must be sufficiently durable and water proof. (IP67 Preferred)

  • A standard suite of sensors that includes gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, GPS, ambient light, and a microphone is preferred.

Durability Test: 

  • Environmental (Temperature, Pressure)

  • User Experience


  • Must have prototype available by September 2016

Applications are open until August 30, 2016

Finalists will be selected on September 6, 2016


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